Brookstone School

Message from the Head of School

Welcome to the 2014-2015 school year! This year promises to be another exciting one as we work together to educate our students in accordance with the school's mission statement which reads, Brookstone School, a college preparatory school founded in the Judeo-Christian ethic and committed to academic excellence, endeavors to build in its students the core values of loyalty, courage, wisdom, honor, service, respect, and leadership.

In accordance with this mission, we are a school that goes beyond educating just the brain but desires to reach the heart as well. We fulfill this goal through utilizing our Brookstone Builds character program. Each aspect of Brookstone Builds takes our mission statement and puts it to work. Our Servant Leadership program as well our academic team assist our faculty and staff in planning programs, integrating character into the curriculum, and going outside the school in order to understand how to become an individual who is not only a good student but a good citizen. We take the idea of educating the heart seriously at Brookstone and capitalize on our 3K-12 program so that students are mentored, taught, and challenged in their ideas of each aspect of Brookstone Builds.

Brookstone Builds the character traits that will enable its students to take that personal responsibility, be that lifelong learner, and engage in meaningful service. Loyalty, courage, wisdom, honor, service, respect, and leadership are the seven foundational personal traits that Brookstone strives to build in its students.

Loyalty, courage and wisdom are proudly displayed on the Brookstone crest. These powerful words have long described a Brookstone student. Our goal is to educate students to be loyal individuals, be courageous in their decision-making, and to strive to grow in their wisdom as students as they develop into leading citizens in their communities.

The other three words: service, respect, and honor, define Brookstone's efforts to help make students aware of the world around them so that they may be able to positively influence their communities and change others' circumstances for the better-to think of others before themselves.

Service to others, specifically giving to others without thought to personal gain, is a centuries-old measurement of a successful life. The message of Servant Leadership is a priority at Brookstone. This program is intertwined throughout the curriculum at every grade level.

Respect is a critical part of successful human relations. Brookstone is committed to expecting, teaching, and modeling respect, respect garnered not just from the students but also a respect of the students.

Honor is the basis of all great societies. Communities of any size cannot successfully exist without honor. Relationships on every level will certainly fail without it. Therefore, honor is part of the foundation upon which Brookstone is built and in which it engages on a daily basis.

And finally, leadership. Brookstone is intentional about teaching leadership. We believe that without an understanding of self and each individual's ability to lead, that education becomes fruitless. We all need to know our strengths and how we can lead ourselves as well as others in order to be successful. Our leadership department is purposeful in putting in programs that teach leadership to children beginning with the three year olds.

At the most fundamental level, Brookstone is based on relationships-the relationships between teacher and student, teacher and parent, as well as student and student. The success of these relationships enriches students' lives and strengthens the school community. Brookstone has always been and will always be about building these strong relationships and through those relationships, changing lives.

We hope that as you look through our website you gain a greater knowledge of Brookstone. Our Admissions Office, coordinated by Mary Snyder, is excited to get to know you and show you the various aspects of our school. Please come by campus and have a tour, have your student spend a day at the school, or come to one of our open houses throughout the year. We would love to show you just what sets Brookstone apart.

Please contact us if we can assist you in any way as you consider the variety of educational options for your child in the Columbus area. We know you will enjoy seeing our school and the numerous opportunities we offer for your child. Our best wishes for success now as well as into the future!

Brookstone Builds.

Brian D. Kennerly
Head of School