Brookstone School

College Handbook

Selected excerpts from the handbook are included for this link. For a complete handbook, please notify Frances Berry at

Roles and Responsibilities for the Student, Parent, and College Coordinator

Student Responsibilities
* Self reflect to determine what characteristics will constitute a "good college match"

* Research colleges to learn:
Academic Programs
Academic and social atmosphere

* Obtain applications

* Be aware of application, testing and scholarship deadlines

* Register for testing

* Meet with appropriate college representatives when they visit Brookstone or hold receptions

in the area

* Have test scores sent to colleges by the testing agencies

* Request recommendations from teachers and then thank them appropriately

* Complete applications and turn them into the college office by the deadlines set in this


* Request that high school transcripts be sent to colleges

* Communicate with parents and counselor during the college admission process

Parent Responsibilities

* Clearly state the parameters for college options with your son/daughter
Cost Location Possible fields of study Restrictions

* Communicate these same parameters to the college coordinator

* Meet with the college coordinator and/or call if you have questions

* Be aware of deadlines

* Complete the financial aid forms (FAFSA and Profile) if necessary

College Coordinator Responsibilities

* Be a resource for students and parents

* Be available to students and parents

* Inform students and parents of the procedures necessary to complete the college admissions


* Provide guidance on the appropriateness of colleges

* Suggest possible college options

* Review applications before submission

* Complete and submit the counselor recommendation and secondary school report

* Submit high school transcripts when requested to do so

* Mail the application packets if they are turned into the college office on time

* Help students and parents make the final matriculation decision

Applying or Visiting a College

All colleges have their applications on their websites and most prefer that you apply on-line. It is important to visit a college before applying. College visitation appointment can be made via the school's website. All students are required to complete a Brookstone School College Visit form before visiting.

The Common Application

Over 300 colleges and universities have agreed to accept a generic application called the Common Application in order to simplify the application process for students. With the Common Application, the student completes one application and makes copies of it for each school that accepts it. The College Placement Office will have hard copies of the common application in the early fall, and each student should discuss the appropriateness of this option with the coordinator. The Common Application is also available online at

Applications may be obtained from visiting college representatives, and applications to some colleges may be available in the College Office. A number of colleges require a direct request from the student before they will send application materials. Many colleges and universities are making applications available through their Internet sites as well.