Brookstone School


Senior Year
Meet with college representatives from the schools you are interested in when they visit Brookstone. Talk often with Mrs. Berry about your college applications and plans. The more information you provide to me, the more help I can provide to you.


  • Completed applications should be turned in to Mrs. Berry by the deadline dates in your handbook.
  • The completed application and application fee (if using a hard copy) along with the high school transcript, recommendation forms and any other supporting information are then sent to the college directly from the College Office.
  • Make arrangements to visit the colleges where you have decided to apply. Arrange for an interview with the admission office if one is required, recommended, or if you have questions that you would like to ask about the college. Please do not rely upon someone else's impressions of a school because you will be living there for four years not your parents, teacher, or friend.
  • Consider taking the ACT again or for the first time.
  • Consult with Mrs. Berry about schools to which you will apply.


  • Take the SAT again, especially if you are applying under an Early Decision or Early Action plan.
  • Apply to several (4-6) colleges�some that you have a good chance to get into and at least one that you know will accept you.


  • Take the SAT again if you did not take it in October. In approximately 65% of the cases, the senior year SAT is higher than the junior year score. Take the SAT Subject Tests if they are required for admission to the colleges where you are applying.
  • Contact the financial aid officers at the colleges where you are applying to receive scholarship and financial aid information from those schools. Apply for scholarships that may apply to your situation.


  • Take the SAT if you are still dissatisfied with your scores. Take the SAT Subject Tests if they are required for admission to the colleges that you have applied to and if you did not take them in November. Consider taking the ACT if you are applying to schools that rely on this test or if you feel your performances on the SAT are not representative of your best word.
  • Continue to inquire about and apply for financial aid and scholarships. Financial aid forms are made available to seniors. The students should take these forms home to their parents regardless of whether or not they feel that their family will qualify for financial aid.
  • If you have been admitted to a college by this time, remember that your admission is conditional on your first and second semester senior year grades being at or above the level at which they stood when you were admitted. Remember to bring a copy of your decision letter (no matter what the outcome) to the College Office for our records. If you are admitted to an Early Decision school, be sure to withdraw your other applications.


  • SAT Subject Tests can be taken if a college for placement purposes requires them only. It is recommended, however, that if the test is used for placement purposes only that you take the test as late as possible since you will receive that much more instruction by delaying the test.
  • After completing the application process, relax and wait for the college's admission decision. Keep in mind, however, that the college's acceptance is conditional upon your successful completion of your senior year at the level at which you were performing when you applied. Do not let up in your efforts to prepare for college, as upon graduation, a final transcript must be sent to the college you will attend.
  • Mid-year reports are mailed to schools.


  • Many of you will have received decisions from various colleges.
  • Other colleges will require that you send additional information (e.g. updated grades, honors, etc.) before they will make a decision on your admission. You are responsible for notifying the counselor if this additional information is requested.


  • College decisions will continue to arrive, and you must begin deciding which college you want to attend from those to which you were admitted. Mrs. Berry will be glad to discuss this with you.
  • Make any college visits needed to help you make a decision.


  • By April 20, you will hear from all of those schools that have not yet notified you of their decision. Some colleges mail out all of their decisions on the same day.
  • Carefully choose your college based on all of the information that you have gathered. Write a letter of acceptance to the college that you wish to attend and enclose required deposits.
  • Decline any other offers of admission in writing so that colleges may admit other qualified candidates.
  • You may take SAT Subject Tests now if they are used for placement in college courses.


  • May 1st is the deadline for you to notify colleges of your decision. At this point you may only place only one deposit. All other schools in which you may have paid a deposit, must be notified by May 1 that you will not be attending.
  • Take the Advanced Placements tests.

A Portion of this calendar is reprinted from NACAC's PACT Guide, 2000. Revised Online Only: March 2005