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Foreign Language Association of Georgia Competition
Posted: Monday, April 13, 2015

Brookstone Student performed well in Saturday's Foreign Language Association of Georgia competition. Each FRENCH and SPANISH student interviewed with an adult who spoke ONLY in their language of study for at least 10 minutes. The upper level students were interviewed for at least 20 minutes.

There were three award levels recognized.  Students speaking at the superiorexcellent or notable levels were awarded a certificate of participation and a ribbon indicating their fluency rating.


Augusta Graham, superior, Latin 3H, Parisi, recitation
Max Dudley, notable, Latin 3H, Parisi, recitation

Elim Lee, superior, Spanish 1, Jenkins
Abbey Crowley, superior, Spanish 1, Jenkins
Uma Alappan, superior, Spanish 2H, Keller
Lydia Zhang, superior, Spanish 2, Keller
Kay Moon, excellent, Spanish 2, Keller
Ariel Steele, superior, Spanish 4H, Keller

Drake Vitelli, excellent, French 1, East
Austin Lewis, notable, French 1, East
Isabelle Darrah, superior, French 1, East
Morgan McGrory, superior, French 2H, Forsyth
Emily Teague, superior, French 2H, Forsyth
Abbie Dillon, excellent, French 3H, Forsyth
Caroline Wellborn, excellent, French 2H, Forsyth
Hugh Page, excellent, French 3H, Forsyth
Gracie Pippas, excellent, French 3H, Forsyth
Koyal Ansingkar, superior, French 4H, Forsyth
Ameena Ali, superior, Frenche 4H, Forsyth
Lindy Burts, excellent, French 4H, Forsyth
Brandon Cho, superior, French AP, Forsyth