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Dawn Burts' Pre-Kindergarten Class 2010-2011 

 BEACH BASH 2011.......







Summer Birthday Bash 2011!!!  Ginormous thank you to Mal & Olivia for the wonderful party!! 


You may want to Record this date for your little ones - April 29, 2011....
We witnessed the Royal Kiss during the week of Mr. R - REMARKABLE!!! 


Please ask your little ones about the Rainforest....they know all the layers!! 
They are in the Canopy - the layer with the most action!!

Emma read us an Easter book - AWESOME READING!! 


Dr. Brown did an EXCELLENT job teaching your little ones about EMERGENCIES!!
ER DOCTORS RULE!!!    We love you Dr. Brown!!!!

Ask your little ones about the Naked Egg Experiment!!
We Enjoy Eggsperiments!!!  The naked Egg bounced four times!!!! 

Margaret & Elizabeth Enjoyed the Easter Egg Hunt!
Be sure to check out the link at the bottom of the page for more great pics! 

The Easter Bunny Entered  and Exited our classroom through the East door -
  Ms. E was hiding in her Easter basket!! 

A Ginormous thank you to Kip for donating a great 'K' book to our class!! 

Kanin made a great live Show & Tell! She is too sweet!!   

Matt is 18!!!  Check out his little helpers on the right and left.....make a wish!!!! 

Grey and Hinton share the same birthday!!!     Ginormous thank you to Susan & Mia
for the wonderful birthday treats.....we celebrated two days in a row!!!

Hinton did a fabulous job reading her book to Mrs. Waldrep's Second Grade class! 

Ashlyn is 5!!!  Ginormous thank you for the yummy cookies with Initials!

Your little ones loved the Non-Newtonian Fluid!!  Manning gave it the super whack and
came out with a clean hand!  Olivia enjoyed the slow wap, but got a little cornstarch on her hand!!!
SCIENCE RULES!!!!!   We watched a great video on this WACKY fluid!!  Check out the link at the
bottom of the page for more great pictures!!  Did I mention that SCIENCE RULES!!!  

Ashlyn and Mal found a creative way to make an X-ray!

Wells made a Wonderful 'W' Show & Tell!

Ashlyn, Elizabeth, Olivia, and Maggie love to build!!!
Ford, Ashlyn, and Margaret took special care of our Water pals! 

Jina & Matt posed for some pics at the Prom!  I had a great time chaperoning the event!!
We love you Matt & Jina!!!  Their dance moves are waaay cooler than mine!!  


Grandparents are grand!

Check out the link at the bottom of the page for more pics! 

LuLu is getting a LittLe Larger!!! 

The LLama books are a big hit with your LittLe ones! 

We Loved Lizzie's (a.k.a. ELizabeth) Lizard!! 

Ginormous thank you to Ford for the Cat in the Hat Floor Puzzle!
Maggie, Elizabeth, Ashlyn, Olivia, and I enjoyed building it together!

LiLy, Grey's LittLe sister, was a LOVELY LIVE Show & Tell.....I LOVE the way Grey LOVES LiLy!!!   TOO SWEET!!!! 

Jasper Mason, Brookstone alum and GREAT FRIEND, read us a wonderful story about a Llama and
helped us act out the Three Billy Goats Gruff.....he was an AWESOME troll, but Ashlyn (a.k.a. the big billy goat)
took him down with her sticks and stones!!  WE LOVE YOU JASPER!!!

Your little ones gave Jasper a hug he will NEVER FORGET!! 

Matt was a little skeptical about wearing the Glasses to read, but he Gave in!

Glasses - Groovy, Good Looking, and Great for working........

Mr. Pate is 75!    WOO HOO!!

Gigi & Gunby made GREAT 'G' Show & Tells!! 

Making Geometric shapes on the Geoboards was Groovy - MATH RULES!
Check out the link at the bottom for the rest of the pics! 

Ginormous thank you to Olivia for the Mardi Gras beads, super yummy King Cake, and pretzels!!
Swift found the baby in his piece of cake!!  Olivia loved sharing with her friends!!!  

A Gorilla came GallivantinG into the classroom with a Grocery baG containing Mr. G and a Gift!
I'm Glad Mrs. Dryden took a picture......I was Gone at the time!!!!

Ginormous thank you to Jennie Hannay for helping us honor
Dr. Seuss's birthday with a Cat in the Hat Cake!!
Matthew did an AWESOME job reading a Dr. Seuss book
to your little ones.....a picture is definitely worth a thousand words!


Doodle made the bestest Show & Tell for review week.....she had a little
something for every letter of the alphabet!!!  

 Thad is 5!!!!  Ginormous thank you for the Double Doozies!!

Swift is one cool cat!!! 
(Thank you for the great Winter Break picture!!)

Our Ocean rivaled the Atlantic in a BIG WAY......check it Out....


Check out the Ocean link at the bottom of the page for more pics!!! 

Yes, we had OctOpus for tea party!!  The Octopuses Ogled your little Ones!!
We Ousted the Ocean flavor with ketchup and mustard!  Some of the children thought the
Octopus tasted like hot dog......gO figure!!!  The Odor was definitely from the Octopoda Order!! 

Ginormous thank you to Grey's mom for teaching us about Obstetrics!!
Outstanding job!!  I have OOdles of respect for this Occupation!!! 

Our Sunshine Basket recipient gave us infinitely more than we gave him!!
He taught us a life lesson about faith, healing, and finding the good in a tough situation!!
The gift of giving brought everyone a great deal of joy!!!  He hugged or high-fived everyone in the room!! 

Manning is 5!!!!  AWESOME BIRTHDAY TEA PARTY!!! 

We loved Mal's little sister!!   Virginia knows how to make a quarter Vanish!!
Check out the big 'V' on her shirt.....Very cool!!! 

We thoroughly enjoyed Elizabeth's mom sharing her Vocation with our class!!
Bandit says, "Dr. Cowley is the bestest Veterinarian in the world."
I had to change it to our Vernacular, but his good behaVior said it all!!   

We are still enjoying acting out the Three Little Bears!! 

We thoroughly enjoyed building our Volcano from our old play dough!!
(The secret to a big eruption is hot Vinegar.....exercise caution at home!)
More pics in a link at the bottom! 


Ginormous thank you to Samuel Wood, a Visitor and a Violin Virtuoso!!
We found Ms. V in his Violin case.....voilà!  Samuel attends the Schwob School of Music
at Columbus State University.  To learn more about the School of Music see the link below!


Bunnies & BaBies with Bottles........Midnight loved "B" week!!! 

Hinton's Big Brother and Thad's Big Brother read two faBulous Books to our class!!! 

Goldilocks and the Three Little Bears was a BIG hit with your little ones!!
Brilliant actors and actresses in the midst!!! 

Broughton Brought his BasketBall and his Bright smile for Show & Tell!!
We noticed his Blond hair, 'B' shirt, and Blue jeans too!!  BAM!!!  His Big Brother was in Blue head to toe!!

Ginormous thank you to Mr. Bonner, CFO & Bestest Bus driver in town!!!
We Bounced over speed Bumps, drove past Bushes, Branches, Bleachers, a BaseBall Field,
a BasketBall court, lots of Brookstone Buildings, and even spotted a Big B on the Jordan Gym!!!
Did you know the Bus Beeps when it Backs up?  We enjoyed some righteous tunes on a Boom Box too!!
Boom Boom Pow!!!  


We sure enjoyed Leo's visit....Cats make great "C" Show & Tells!! 



Please check out the link at the bottom of the page for the 100 day pics!

WHAT A COOL SHOW & TELL!!!  We loved Swift's Paper Jamz Guitar!!
(He let me give it a try - Jimi Hendrix moment!!)



Margaret is five!!!  Edward loved the homemade cupcakes and salty stix!!!!
Ginormous thank you for the Zummilicious cupcakes!!! 

Check out these Zoober Goobers (great Seuss word) with their Zany Zebras!! 


Donuts with Dads was Delightful!!


(END OF YEAR DVD WILL FEATURE DISCO DADS......I saw what appeared to be an atomic reverse knee drop, a sprinkler, the twist, a little butter churning, and even a classic Saturday night fever dance move!)



Georgia State Capitol - January 10th, 2011 - courtesy of Thad's mom!
A great Deal to get this picture today!!!

"We will open the book.  Its pages are blank.  We are going to

put words on them ourselves.  The book is called Opportunity

and its first chapter is New Year's Day."  - Edith Lovejoy Pierce



Jamming Joking Jesters!! 




Our on-campus Journey was Jam up!!


Thank you for Joining us on our little Jaunt


(Jokerman Font!) 

Please check the link at the bottom for more

pictures of our JOURNEY!

We thoroughly enJoyed Mal's Show & Tell guests - Papa Joe & Aunt Jodi!!

 "Jonathan Jasper Jeremy Jones" - Ms. J was Jumping for Joy over this selection!!
 Papa Joe (a.k.a. Pop Pop) taught us about Justice!!!!  We love things that are FAIR!!
P.S.  Papa Joe does great Jungle animal sounds too!!  Mal's face says it all - sheer JOY!!


Josie made a great 'J' Show & Tell - she was wearing
Jeans, a Jacket, and carrying a Jumping dog!!! 


There's nothing quite like a BB&J (bread, butter 'J', and Jelly) - Just right!



Final glipmpses of 2010....... 

Ginormous thank you to Jennifer for Constructing the gingerbread houses!!
A big thank you to Dan for his superior piping skills and Christmas spirit!!


Cile's Colossal Cap ChoColate Chip Cookie Cake was a Culinary masterpieCe!!
I love how she Centered Mr. C in the CirCle......very Clever!!!

Walker did a fabulous job reading us the Chipmunk story....
he promised to Come back and read again!! 

CupCakes, Crackers, a Canine, and a Colossal Collegiate Cupcake - OH MY!!
Mrs. Dryden loved the Auburn CupCake - WAR EAGLE!

What a great way to reinforce the Sound of letter S!!!

I love a Christmas Craft that requires making a pattern!!

Rosemary is an AWESOME reader!!  WAY TO GO!!!

Maggie'S SiSter made a great Show & Tell!
Stella is a Super Sweet Sibling.....and She is Six!

Ford's baby SiSter Stopped by for a quick viSit!!
Bandit tried to give her the Super Soaker!!! 

Grey looked Super cool Sporting a Snake Scarf in his Striped Shirt!!

Elizabeth ruled the Soap races for Six roundS!!! 

Ford is 5!!!!   Check out the Squid Sushi......SIMPLY SCRUMPTIOUS!

Ya gotta love Rice Krispie Treats and Fruit Roll-Ups!! 

We were so thankful to have Jina & Matt join us for our Thanksgiving Party!!
Check out the link at the bottom of the page for all the party pics! 

Margaret is quite Proud of her PoP!! 
Ginormous thank you for the M&M Pills.....quite PoPular, the
IV lesson & demo, the sporty journals, and all the great safety information about medicine!!!
(A Picture is worth 1000 words!) 

Pancakes, PoPcorn, Pajamas, and Pocahontas, Oh, MY!! 
Perfect Prescription for a PARTY!!! 

Nothing says Thanksgiving quite like a group of Pilgrims in their Pajamas, eh!!


Walker is 5!!!  We loved the mini cupcakes!!! 


Ms. P sure loved that Pinto Pony.....Positively Precious!!   

We all know how this one Played out.....WAR EAGLE!! 

Maggie is 5!!!  Maggie's cousin Kate made a great live Show & Tell!! 

Nacho & Esqueleto pale in comparison to this tag-team!!  
 Claudia & Gunby taught your little ones about tornadoes and thunderstorms.
In a word - AWESOME!!!!! 

Iron Man meets an Indian!!

The weather was Ideal for an Indian outing!!

One little, two little, three little Indians.....

Katie made sure everyone could see the Illustrations in the 'I' book!!
Ginormous thank you for the cheese sticks and Ritz Bitz - they made yummy 'I's!!! 

We thoroughly enjoyed Hearing the Hallo-Wiener!!   

Hans Solo's first mate was a Huge Hit with your little ones....Halloween like, Hairy, and Humorous too!
 Best Wookie talk ever!!

Two Cool Cats!!  Collins loves the Cat in the Hat!!

Our very own Shirley Temple meets the CITH!!
Our Happy Hair makes people STARE.......HAPPY HAIR!!! 

Hat Day was a Huge Hit!!

Hinton's brother flew His Helicopter for Show & Hovers really HigH (you could even
say it Hung in the air)!!!  GINORMOUS THANK YOU TO BROOKS & ROSEMARY!!!

Swift was Hungry for an H shaped Ham sandwich - thank you Hinton!!!

It was Hugs and HigH fives for our guest athletes!!  GO MATT AND JINA!!!!!!

Ford is Hilarious!!  He was giving Hinton a 'good work' X&O!!!

Your little ones were Hanging on every word Anna Beth read!!
We thoroughly enjoyed Trick or Treat, Little Critter


Ginormous thank you to Walker, Ashlyn, and Elizabeth's dad for making the Q&U Wedding 
a Union to remember -- truly Unrivaled!!!  Elizabeth's dad officiated the nuptials with the Utmost respect
for the Letter People!!!!  It was the Ultimate, Unequivocal, Utterly and Undeniably 'bestest' event ever!!


Mr. Q was Quite surprised when Delaney visited our class with two Quails!!
They were Quiet (for a moment), Quivery, and good Quality Show & Tells!!

Maggie, Thad, Hinton, Margaret, and Ford having a Nice time in the platform!!  

Can you tell that Mal is excited about Halloween? 

Matt read us the Noisy Book during 'N' week!!  GREAT SOUND EFFECTS!!! 


GiNormous thank you to Ford for the Nifty pumpkin!!! 
When I asked Ford the Name of his Show & Tell he replied, "Baby Granny."!!!
a.k.a. Nora!!!  Did you kNow that Nora has a Nose with Nostrils and is very Nice! 


Northern Nightcrawlers are all the rage!!!  Be sure to
ask your little ones some worm facts!!!


The above illustrates an excellent point about educational opportunities!
Your little ones were writing with the Chocolate Pretzels that Thad brought in for Tea Party!
This is good stuff, eh!  

We are so EXCITED about our Athletes in the Classroom this year!!
Gina & Matt are getting to know your little ones already!!  We loosened em up a bit with
The Freeze!!!  They had some cool dance moves!!  I can't wait to see their acting skills!!!
Ginormous thank you to Cindy Sparks & Meghan Blackmon in our Servant Leadership Program!! 

Mr. Hoates gave everyone a  simple lesson on how to listen - three easy steps! 
1. Eyes Looking
2. Mouth Shut
3. Ears Open 

Danielle, Ashlyn, and Maggie loved Western Day!

Tacky Day was a Wacky Day!

Ashlyn's dad is MAGICAL!!  His family created the 
illustrations (AWESOME) and he Authored the book Around the pics.
Your little ones loved Mommy's Missing Tooth!!!!!!! 2 cool 4 school!!!
P.S.  Ashlyn was 2 cute 2 look tacky!
P.P.S.  Did I mention that he incorporated the five letters that Arrived throughout the book!!!  

Marianna and Mia Made great guest readers!!!   

Walker & Elizabeth enjoyed Mingling during Muffins for Moms!!
See more pics in link at the bottom of the page! 


The MetaMorphosis is alMost coMplete!!  We hope to release our future frogs soon!

 Corporal Bostick, Warrior Transition Battalion, Ft. Benning, did a superb job
leading the Service Project with all three Pre-K classes!!! 
We support your Mission!!       

Mr. Sam Pate is Magical!!  He Manages to Make the ordinary EXTRAORDINARY!!!

Grey's grandfather Made an eXcellent Show & Tell!!
He's a fine MatheMatician!!    

Magnifying glasses are Magnificent!! 




Swift is 5!!  Ginormous thank you to Cile for the yummy donuts!!!!
I heard that everyone had a great time at

Great 'M' word!!! 


Meet Maggie, Mayor for a MinuTe!!!  IT was a Tall order, but Maggie was ready for the Task!
IT looks like Mayor WeatheringTon will have a Tough acT To follow!!
Way To go Maggie!!!  


Class of 2024!!!!!

Ms. T arrived in a 'T' shaped box with Brookstone T-Shirts!! Too cool!!!


There's noThing quiTe as Terrific as Toast wiTh buTTer Ts!!!!

  Our butterflies emerged over the Labor Day weekend!!!



Ginormous thank you to Annie & Olivia's Aunt Lisa for the Animal Bracelets!!!

Ginormous thank you to Ashlyn's dad for reading our class an Arthur book!!!


Andrew, Thad's brother, is An AWESOME reader!!!  ABSOLUTELY ASTOUNDING!!!

Can you tell that they ADORE each other?
(And they Are ADORABLE!!!) 


 Ms. A was Amazed At what Elizabeth and Ashlyn made with the blocks!!

A true work of Art!!

Rachel & Lindy (my middle child) taught your little ones two cheers!
They were so Animated & Agile!! 

Our First Letter Person arrived on a Firetruck Filled with Friendly Firemen!!!!!

We thoroughly enjoyed Maggie's live Show & Tell!!  Lulu is the cutest Havanese ever!!
She knows lots of great tricks too!!  Lulu has been 'training her brain'!!! 

Mal loves Midnight!! 
(Check out the pics in the link at the bottom of the web page!)


Ashlyn and Danielle love the Cat in the Hat!!


Check out the newest Cat in the Hats!!   They are adorable!!!


 Special Reminders....




Kindest regards,

Dawn Burts


"Summer afternoon - Summer afternoon... the two most beautiful words in the English language."
- Henry James
British (US -born) author (1843 - 1916)







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