Brookstone School

K - Bawana Cullen

The Cullen/Russell Kindergarten has had a busy and productive year. In the next few days we'll be drawing our year to a close with a Beach Bash (May 20th), a visit with Susan M. on Monday (the 23rd) and a get-together with our fourth grade buddies on Tuesday (May 24th). Also, on Tuesday, the three kindergarten classes will be treated to a lunch by Chick-fil-A in the Cougar Cafe. We can't give up our children without having some suggestions for the summer. So-o-

To Do List -Summer 2011:

-      Read, read, read - Dr. Seuss books; Eric Carle books; Hello Reader (leveled) books; The Magic Treehouse books; Junie B. Jones books. These last two will get your child to "take a risk" with reading.

-      Visit websites that will continue preparation for 1st grade 


-   (User: explore   Password: x)

- (to practice math facts click on "numbers","addition/subtraction," "math  trainer")

-      Practice Dolch Word List

-      Computer program -Kid Pix 4 (this is the one we use in the classroom and in the computer lab)



 . . . and HAVE FUN!