Brookstone School

1st Grade - Nancy Collier

Looking Back at First Grade


First grade has been a time of fun and adventure. It was a time for many "firsts" . . . losing that first tooth at school, taking that first spelling test, and going on our first field trip to the planetarium.  Decoding skills helped us become fluent readers and spellers.  We enjoyed writing in our journals about the activities we did and lessons we learned.  In science we studied units on animals, plants, weather, caring for the earth, and matter.  A visit to the Patterson Planetarium in March taught us about planets and constellations.  In social studies, we celebrated Veteran's Day and Black History month, watched videos of famous inventors, learned about continents and oceans, studied maps, and practiced good citizenship. We enjoyed performing in a play that featured how different countries around the world celebrate Christmas.  Math skills included telling time, counting money, learning addition and subtraction strategies, practicing patterns, sorting, distinguishing shapes, and place value.  Many activities that reinforced these skills were done in our computer lab.


Students should practice reading and math over the summer. Websites that your child can use are: and for practice of many math skills and concepts  for practice of fast math facts