Brookstone School

3rd Grade Math - Kay Kennedy


New web site  check it out   

This is a great site to reinforce math skills during the summer.   It can be purchased for $80.00 for one year. 

Try these sites to practice and reinforce:

Fun Summer Acitivites to help reinforce math skills:

1. Weigh all kind of items at the grocery store!    Know what a pound feels like etc.

2.   Notice all weights and liquid capacities on boxes, bottles, cans etc.

3.  Be familiar with cups, pints, quarts, gallons - see how much different containers hold when you are playing in the pool or sand

4.  Tell time on a clock (not digital) during the summer

5.  Count as much change $$$ as you can.   Can you make change from a dollar?

6.   **** Know your basic facts quickly*******

      Third Grade has 100 problems in five minutes.   We start with addition 1st qtr.     subtraction 2nd qtr    (id.  is explore and password is x )