Brookstone School

5th Grade English - Stacy Pease

5th Grammar


The end of the year is here!  I have enjoyed watching your boys and girls grow in grammar, vocabulary and writing.  I wish them the best of luck in the Middle School next year.  They will be missed!

If your child gets bored this summer, have him or her go to the computer and "google" grammar sites.  It is amazing how many fun sites there are to brush up on grammar skills. Two I love are Grammar Blast ( and FunEasy English ( .

Going to camp???  Don't send the pre-printed fill in the blank letters.  MAKE your child write a real letter to you or grandparents.  Encourage your child to continue their journal writing.  Creative writing creates "voice"!  This is something the SAT and ACT are really looking at with writing. 


Grammar Letter

Student Help Information - I am available for extra help every Tuesday during our scheduled recess time.  If extra help is needed, your child can come to my room any Tuesday.  If help is needed on another day, your child can ALWAYS elect to miss recess for extra help.  If I have recess duty, another time can be scheduled before or after school.

Vocabulary Information:  Each student received a vocabulary workbook today in class.  This workbook belongs to your child.  They may write in it.  We will work in the vocabulary book for two weeks per unit. The students will then be responsible for spelling all 12 words in the unit for a homework grade and then taking a multiple choice test on the definitions for a test grade.