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5th Grade Math - Kimberly Voltz

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Thank you for a wonderful year in math class.  These students have worked so hard, and they have learned so much. They will find much success in the middle school.  If you are looking for fun and educational computer sites, tey these at home.  Have a wonderful summer!!














If you feel you need a conference at anytime with me, please send me an email to .  I will be happy to conference with any parents!!!

Study Tips: 

All students need to prepare for their weekly math tests.  It is the general nature of a 5th grade student to only prepare if given a specific task or a specific homework assignment.  If students are not performing as well as they would like or as well as you would like for them to perform, weekly preparation will be necessary.  You may click on the link below to retrieve a copy of the math test that was given the previous week.  Problems from Section 2 and Section 3 will always appear on the next math test as well as any concept that was covered during the week and reviewed for homework.  This test and a review of the homework concepts for the week are excellent study tools. Math help day is on Thursday.