Brookstone School

Computer 5-8 - Georgia Haywood


 7th Grad

May 2-Movie Maker-Students will split into groups for a cast in a movie that they will make.
Today they will name their group and brainstorm ideas for their movie.  The movie will have to tie into one of their subjects, including fine art
May 9-Rough drafts due date was moved to the end of the period today
May 10-1st and 2nd group will have filming day today, the rest will go tomorrow
May 12-Videotaping will end today
May 13- Each group will begin editing today
May 16-All groups should be prepared to show movies today.  They will be graded by their peers.


5th Grade
Last week students split into groups and began researching a topic in which they will make a Podcast
May 9-All scripts for Podcast due at the end of today
May 10-begin recording Podcast
May 13-All students should be prepared to play their Podcast for the class



8th Grade Tablet Blitz
Each eighth grade student will spend two weeks learning the ins and outs of a tablet PC as well as programs they will use in the ninth grade.