Brookstone School

Art, grades 6-8 - Ceil Bone

Welcome to Art Class, Middle School! Get ready for a year of creativity, learning and fun!

Below is a quote from 7th grader Mercer Clark, expressing his enthusiasm for Art!

"Art at Brookstone Middle School is cool. Therefore, we show lots of art in the library and in the Turner Center. We present our art everywhere. We draw, make sculptures, and other forms of art. Art is beautiful here at Brookstone Middle School. We cherish art here. Art is fun, it's supposed to be. Art is concentration, desire and courage. You have to have concentration to make art. You have to have desire for your work to make art. And last , but not least, you have to have courage to make art. Art is awesome. Art is cool. Art is a component of our culture at Brookstone Middle School."