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English 10 - Sherry Tomblin

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The English 10 vocabulary words (for both regular and honors) are posted online.  (See the link below.)  This is the schedule for testing on the words:

Term 1: Word parts (ab/vis, vid--ance/ancy, escent)  The first test will be in late September.

Term 2:  armistice/entente--denizen/denomination

Term 3: deploy/depose--malodorous/mausoleum  (Test will be in early March.)

Term 4:  mandate/meager--yellow journalism/tariff 

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Summer Reading:


Required:  To Kill a Mockingbird  (vocabulary required)

Choose one:  The Great Gatsby, The Catcher in the Rye

Choose one book from the list of contemporary novels posted on the website.




Much of the work is on the classes' wikis.  When you click on the link, make sure you have the right period.