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English 10 Honors - Sherry Tomblin

The English 10 vocabulary words (for both regular and honors) are posted online and on the wiki.  (See the link below.)  This is the schedule for testing on the words

Term 1: All word parts (ab/vis, vid--ance/ancy, escent)  Test will be in late September.

Term 2:  armistice/entente--denizen/denomination

Term 3: deploy/depose--malodorous/mausoleum  

Term 4:  mandate/meager--yellow journalism/tariff

Click to view vocabulary list! 

Summer reading

Your summer reading includes The Great Gatsby, The Catcher in the Rye, and To Kill a Mockingbird.  These are in chronological order and will probably be the order we'll consider them.   All three required books typically appear in the top 10 in lists of all-time best/most important novels. They, along with the other books we'll read in class, are important books for the AP reading list, also.

Your fourth book will be the contemporary novel you choose from the list.  You will then read two additional books during the year that develop this same theme.  Choose books that are of interest to you.  Don't choose by length alone.  Some of the best independent study projects have been those in which the students chose different, often challenging books.  Many students found that the most challenging book they read turned out to be their favorite!

These are some examples of independent study themes previous students have chosen:  the journey, the poor in America, the importance of the land, male bonding, the tragic hero, 1950s counterculture novels, defeating the system, the empowerment of women, families in crisis, anti-war, time-traveling, sanity and insanity.  (This is not a definitive list.)

Please feel free to email me about your book of choice (and possible topic).  I will be out of the country from about June 27 through July 28.  I may have occasional access to email, but it would be better if you contact me prior to my leaving.  Email at  

Have a great summer & enjoy these wonderful books! 













































Much of the work for the class is on the wiki.  Link to the wiki for the appropriate class.