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Honors 4 /AP Latin - Peter Parisi

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New Grading Scheme:

 The grading has been changed so that it indicates more precisely where a student stands in the class. These are the different assessment categories and their percentages:

  • Lesson Tests 30 percent
  • Book tests 30 percent
  • Quizzes 30 percent


Monday 4/25: 27a; Sample exam 1-11; HW: Worksheet on Vergil 1-3

Tuesday 4/26: 27a; Sample exam 12-27; HW: Comprehension questions and multiple choice questions for 27a; worksheet on Vergil 4-6 (due Thursday).

Wednesday 4/27: 27b (portions); Sample exam 28-37; HW: Relevant Comprehension questions and multiple choice questions for 28;

Thursday 4/28: 28 (portions); Sample exam 38-50; HW: None (Family Night)

Monday 5/2: 29 (portions); Sample exam long essay; HW: Vergil 10-12 (due Wednesday)

Tuesday 5/3: 30 (1st half); Complete long essay; HW: none

Wednesday 5/4: 30 (2nd half); Sample translation essay.