Brookstone School

Honors Algebra / Trigonometry - Greg Gregory

We will begin the first day with Great Graphs and their shapes. By day two, we will translate polynomial functions.

During the first full week of school, we will extend our discussion to include the graphs of radical functions and inverse variations.

We are still graphing polynomials and combining these graphs with translations.

Our first "pop-quiz" will be Friday, August 20, 2010.

Begin reading Chapter 1 in the text. Noteworthy items: Field Properties, Order of Operations, Def. of Abs. Value, Def. of Polynomial, Extraneous Solutions, Properties of Inequalities & Trichotomy

Work #25-39 odd, pages 15-16 and #1-33 E.O.O., pages 19-20.

Read pages 51-56 and work #1-19 odd, pages 56-57.

Read pages 58-61 and 64-66 before working #1-9 odd on page 67. We will answer #11-26 on pages 67-69 in class.

Work R1 & R2 as you begin to prepare for the test over Chapters 1 & 2 in the book. This test will probably be on Wednesday.

Read (to refresh your memory) pages 73-81 before working #1-15 odd, page 81.

Read pages 82-84 before working #1-13 odd, pages 85-86.

Read pages 86-90 before working #1-31 odd, pages 90-92.

Work "Review Problems" R1-R4 on page 106 as you study for a quiz over "lines".

Discuss Elementary Row Transformations  in class and work #1-19 odd on page 117 using this technique.

Use ERT to work #1-9 odd, page 141.

Use ERT to work #2-8 even and #13, 14 on pages 141-142.

Work #1-9 odd, page 145 and #1-5 odd, page 149 using ERT.

Use Cramer's Rule to work #1-4 on page 152.

Discuss Matrix Technique to be used in solving systems.

Work #1-9 odd, page 141 using Matrix Technique.

Use TI-83 to solve #5-17, page 149 (matrix tech.).

Discuss "f(x) notation" before working #1-25 odd, page 130-131.

Discuss "Linear Programming" and do the "worksheet" problems.

There will be a series of pop-quizzes covering ERT, Cramer's Rule, and Matrix methods.

A test over systems of equations, linear inequalities, linear programming, and basic matrix theory will follow by 10/21/2009.

Begin Chapter 5:

Read pages 174-179 before working #13-29 odd, page 180.

Read pages 181-186 before working #1-47 E.O.O., pages 186-188.

Read pages 188-193 before working #1-19 odd, pages 193-194.

Read pages 195-197 before working #2-14 even, pages 198-199.

Work R1-R6, pages 221-222 and T1-T8, page 223 as preparation for the test over chapter 5.