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AP Biology - Cynthia Lingo

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Your first committment (last March) was to take AP Biology.  I expect you to be in class every day until the end of the year.  I am counting absences just as your college professors will next year.  Do not overextend yourself with outside field trips at the expense of your first committment - to take AP Biology.

Course Expectations:  /uploaded_files/apbiology_course_exp_31felg.doc

This year we will use Moodle as our course navigation tool.  Moodle is a course management web based program.  I will give you a password in class to enroll in Moodle. All assignments and announcements and some interactive work will be accessed through Moodle.

I will provide a skeleton outline of course assignments here but details and all linked work are on Moodle.

Pre Lab Instructions:


Assign Biomes Homework - due Monday, Aug 13:  read pages 690-699 and take notes on the special features of each biome.  What differentiates one biome from the next.  Also, create a food chain/web for each biome with the correct organisms that live there. You might have one sheet for each biome with a description at the top and a food web at the bottom.  This is a lengthy assignment.

Monday, Aug 16 - Read 756-759 do attached worksheet


Thursday and Friday - Lab 12