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Honors Chemistry - Dale Epperson

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D. Epperson Assignments


AP Chemistry

Honors Chemistry


Wed     9-16-09

Work on Pre-lab for Lab #35

Lab: Law of Conservation of Matter

EPSP/IPSP neurotransmitters

Thurs   9-17-09

Double displacement; Acid/Base reactions

Lab cont.

Neuromuscular junction

Fri        9-18-09


Completion of Lab; Quiz alert status is on Red!

Sleep stages

Mon     9-21-09

Redox reactions

Changes in matter

Memory video in class

Tues     9-22-09

Redox cont.

States of matter

Memory video cont.

Wed     9-23-09

Redox cont.

Review sheet in class today

Completion of memory video; review for 1st test

Thur    9-24-09

Lab #35 TBCIC all pre-lab due


1st major test today

Fri       9-25-09

Lab #35 cont.

Test: Matter