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Honors Biology - Cynthia Lingo

Welcome to Honors Biology!  We will use Moodle as our course navigation tool.  Moodle is a course management web based site.  All course assignments and announcements will be posted on Moodle.  You should go to Moodle and join the Honors Biology class. I will give you the password to my Moodle class on day 1.

H Bio - couse expectations: /uploaded_files/course_exp_bb5GCp.doc

Science Test days are Wed and Fri.

I will provide a skeleton outline of course assignments here for the first month but all students should consult Moodle for details and all linked work. 

Mustard Seed Lab Report due Friday - see format below



Day 5, Aug 18 - Wed - Evaluate Mustard Seed Exp and discuss Lab Reports; Intro to Chemistry and Chapter 2

Day 7 - Friday, Aug 20 - Lab Report due
Practice with ionic bonds -
Draw, using the electron shell method, an ionic bond for each of the following 2 elements.  The elements in the first column will usually "give up" electrons when they form compounds.  You should also provide the final formula, with charges of the new compound.

Aluminum and Chlorine
Sodium and oxygen
lithium and oxygen
carbon and chlorine
beryllium and sulfur
sodium and flourine