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Computer 3rd - Lynn Brown


Have a terrific summer! 

3rd Grade

Third graders come to computer class two times a week to learn keyboarding.  They are using the program Type to Learn 4 and the textbook Learning to Type with Bernie to learn the alphabetic keys and punctuation marks.  We have been discussing the proper technique to use while typing -- posture, hand position, correct keying and others.  Everyone works at their own individual pace with the main focus being on technique and participation.  Once all the letters and punctuation marks are learned we will begin to work on their speed to the best of their abilities.  I am available for help on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons after school!


Two fun keyboarding websites that students can practice at home are: and

Some other web sites that you might want to explore are:

http://www.starfall.comm  (free downloads)    (Typing Program)