Brookstone School

2nd paper guidelines and ideas


Paper due on February 7th

Rebellion as it relates to the stories we've read. 

Prepare a statement you can make about the nature of rebellion which you can defend with evidence from at least two of the stories we've read.  The paper should be 500-700 words and labelled as below on the 1st page.

                                                                                                            Joe Schmo

                                                                                                            5th period English


                                                                                                            February 7, 2006

All following pages should be labeled with the students last name and the page number.  Your first page number should be page 2.  A Works Cited page is also required, including only the stories you mention in your paper, as well as any outside sources (if any).

Your paper should include quotations from the stories to prove your point, followed by parenthetical references in the text. 

Ex:  Manly "mumbles about loving her" (O'Connor, 129).

Ideas (we will discuss on Thursday):

Pros and Cons of Rebellion

Rebellion's effects on society, on the family

Cases of taking rebellion or conformity to extremes

The conflict between self-identity and conforming to people's expectations

Stories: (others we've read may be used if you can argue their relevance)

The Man Who Was Almost a Man

The Greatest Man in the World

Two Kinds

The Lottery


Everyday Use