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Upper School - Archive 2005-06

Foreign Language News
Posted: Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Winners of the Alliance Francaise composition contest:
   Category C (three or more years of French):
      First Place: Lucy Flournoy
      Third Place: Xiao Ma
   (Lucy's composition will be submitted for national competition)

   Category D (three years of French or less):
      Second Place: Caleb Jones

Foreign Language Association of Georgia Spoken Language Competition
  French 1: Kathleen Horne, Notable; Jarret Key, Excellent
  French 2: Elizabeth Saller, Notable; Caroline Shuler, Excellent
  French 3: Caleb Jones, Superior; Joo-Ri Lee, Superior
  French 4: Brian Bush, Excellent; Lucy Flournoy, Superior

  Latin 1: Jonathan Key, Superior
  Latin 3: Tommye Weddington, Exellent

  Spanish 1: Lauren Champion, Superior, Lydia Compton, Superior
  Spanish 2: Anil Nataraj, Excellent; Nicholas Caligaris, Superior
  Spanish 3: Karla van Rensburg, Superior
  Spanish 4: Caroline Smith, Superior; Rebecca Bowden, Excellent

Thanks to all the students and teachers!