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Chattahoochee Valley

Regional Technology Fair

Congratulations to our Winners for 2013!

Digital Video Production

Grades 3-4:  Anna Kate Jones & Tiffany Sung

Grades 5-6:  Parker Hicks

Grades 9-10:  Ameena Ali & Koyal Ansingkar

Grades 11-12:  Hadiya & Zoobia Mahmood

Digital Photography

Grades 7-8:  Elyse Sway

Grades 1-12:  Allie Johnson


Grades 5-6:  Ryan Drew & Graham Wolff

Grades 7-8:  Max & Mason Dudley

Grades 11-12:  Menza & Jack Dudley

Non-Animated Graphic Design

Grades 3-4:  Kathryn Brown

Grades 5-6:  Judith Borom

Grades 7-8:  Hayley Mullinax

Grades 9-10:  Harish Alappan

Grades 11-12:  Kathleen & Michael Sway

Animated Graphics

Grades 3-4:  Eliza Raines & Olivia WIllett

Grades 5-6:  Conner Jones

Grades 9-10:  Meg Hicks & Ariel Steele

3-D Modeling

Grades 3-4:  Jordan Brown & Mia Vonsavang

Grades 5-6:  Aryaman Singh

Non-Multimedia Applications

Grades 5-6:  Matthew Hannay

Project Programming

Grades 11-12:  Braden Sanders

Technology Literacy Challenge

Grades 3-4:  Olivia Willett

Grades 5-6:  Wesley Wade

Grades 7-8:  Justin Chang

Grades 9-10:  Tom Driver

Grades 11-12:  Braden Sanders


Winners compete at the State Competition

March 9, 2013

Macon State College

Macon, GA




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Frequently Asked Questions


Any technology projects not previously

entered in a Technology Fair MAY BE USED,

even if it was created in an earlier year.

Projects created for school assignments ARE allowed.


14 Categories

3D Modeling

Animated Graphic Design

Case Modification

Digital Photography

Digital Video Production

Hardware (7-12 grades only)

Individual and Team Programming Challenge 

(7-12 grades only)

Multimedia Applications

Non-Animated Graphic Design

Non-Multimedia Applications

Project Programming


Technology Literacy Challenge

Web 2.0 Internet Applications



3D Modeling                                                                          Animated Graphic Design

Case Modification                                                                  Digital Photography

Digital Video Production                                                        Hardware

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