Brookstone School

LS Music - Libbie Key

Welcome to our village!

Music is our Language!

Your students are being engaged with the fabulous sounds of music from many sources.  We use our voices, our hands and feet, instruments and other media.  Our time together now is being used to prepare for class plays that are upcoming!

Keep singing!

4th Grade: 

Here is the music to the Rap of the 50 States!   (Click the link to download the music.)

Here are the words to the Rap of the 50 States (Click the link to download in Word 2007.)


Here we go!

                        Montgomery, Alabama.  Juneau, Alaska.  Phoenix, Arizona.  Little

Rock, Arkansas.  Sacramento, California.  Denver, Colorado.  Hartford,

Connecticut.  Dover, Delaware, Tallahassee, Florida.  Atlanta, Georgia.

Honolulu, Hawaii.  Boise, Idaho.  Springfield, Illinois.

Movin' on!

                        Indianapolis, Indiana.  Des Moines, Iowa.  Topeka, Kansas.

Frankfort, Kentucky.  Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Augusta, Maine.  Annapolis,

Maryland.  Boston, Massachusetts.  Lansing, Michigan.  St. Paul, Minnesota. 

Jackson, Mississippi.  Jefferson City, Missouri.

There's more!

                        Helena, Montana.  Lincoln, Nebraska.  Carson City, Nevada.

Concord, New Hampshire.  Trenton, New Jersey.  Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Albany, New York.  Raleigh, North Carolina.  Bismarck, North Dakota.

Columbus, Ohio.  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Salem, Oregon.

Home stretch!

                        Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Providence, Rhode Island.  Columbia,

South Carolina.  Pierre, South Dakota.  Nashville, Tennessee.  Austin, Texas.

Salt Lake City, Utah.  Montpelier, Vermont.  Richmond, Virginia.  Olympia,

Washington.  Charleston, West Virginia.  Madison, Wisconsin.  Cheyenne,