Brookstone School

5th Grade Homeroom - Kimberly Voltz


Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with me this year.  I have loved getting to know all of them even more.  It will be so exciting for all of us to watch them grow through these years at Brookstone.  Thank you for all your support.  Have a wonderful summer!!


This year we will be studying United States history and will have social studies every day!!  We are beginning the year with a general overview of the United States which highlights some important social studies terms.  For each chapter studied, your child will be required to complete a worksheet on each lesson designed to teach your child how to read for important content as well as learn about the United States. 

Students will ALWAYS have time in class to work on these assignments.  If time is used wisely, most of it - if not all of it - will be completed at school.  All answers are found in the social studies textbook.



Links and Handouts: