Brookstone School

5th Grade Homeroom - Stacy Pease


I say so long to my 5th grade Homeroom Class!  I will miss each of you!

Mackie - the generous spirit

Sarah Beth - the perfect assistant

Will - the social studies whiz

Nicholas - the forgetful but clever scholar

Benjamin - the ever-present smile

Leslie - the happy "handful"

Tillman - the quiet creative genius

Avery - the gentle soul

Mallory - the "meet you for dinner" friend

Eric - the kind, steady worker

Grace - the peppy cutie

Morgan - the "not usually on time" but always on the ball gal

Hayley - the songbird who was always first to class

Anna - the artistic one

Ben - the new guy who really brought a new perspective to our class

Jack - the thinker

Vivian - the "march to her own drum", unique, and funny one

Andrew - the "if she is not looking, do I really have to do it?" so savvy one

Catherine - the organized, mature, and thoughtful one

Josie - the "another 100" maker

Have a great summer!!! Come visit next year!


  • Social Studies:  This year we will be studying United States history and will have social studies every day!  We are beginning the year with a general overview of the United States which highlights some important social studies terms.  Fore each chapter studied, your child will be required to complete a worksheet on each lesson designed to teach your child how to read for important content as well as learn abut the United States. 

    Students will always have time in class to work on these assignments.  If time is used wisely, most of it--if not all of it--will be completed at school.  All answers are found in the social studies textbook. 

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