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Physical Education - Debbie Ball

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Aug 16               Orientation to Fitness; Locomotor/nonlocomotor skills

Aug 23               Orientation to Fitness; Parachutes/Jump Rope

Aug 30               Fitnessgram; Scooters/Hula Hoop

Sept 7                Fitnessgram; Line Tag, Feed Oscar

Sept 13-24              Ball Skills

Sept 27-Oct 8         Soccer Skills

Oct 11-22               Basketball Skills

Oct 25-29               Rope Jumping - Long

Nov 1-12                Dance

Nov 15-19              Cup Stacking

Nov 22-Dec 3         2 Square/4 Square

Dec 6-17                  Floor Hockey

Jan 10-14                 Hula Hoops

Jan 18-21                 Parachutes/Bean Bags

Jan 24-28                 Scooters

Jan 31-Feb 17           Newcombe

Feb 21-25                 Frisbee

Mar 1-11                  Ralleyball

Mar 14-25                Wiffleball

Mar 28-Apr 1           Matball

Apr 11-22                 Fitnessgram; pre-fitnessgram; locomotor skills evaluation; jump rope

Apr 25-May 6           Field Day prep

May 9-13                  Games

May 16-20                Activity of Choice