Brookstone School

Auction Rules

Bidding for Brookstone Auction

Rules and Procedures

1 . All parties and vacations are sold subject to mutually agreeable times by the bidder and the donor on a
space-available basis.

2 . Unless otherwise stated, all parties and vacations must be used before April 28, 2012. Please make reservations
for specific dates as soon as possible.

3 . Unless otherwise stated, party invitations are not included. Items do not include taxes or tips, and dinners
do not include wine or any other alcoholic beverages unless otherwise stated in the description.

4 . A bid is a contract and all sales are final.

5 . Payment by the winning bidder is required in full on the night of the auction at checkout. Payment can be
made by cash, Visa, MasterCard, or by check made payable to "Brookstone School."

6. Items purchased at this evening's event are considered tax deductible only to the extent that the purchase
price exceeds the fair market value of the item purchased.

7 . All items purchased must be removed from the RiverMill Event Center at the conclusion of the Country Fair.

8 . Auction items that are left will become the property of Brookstone School if not claimed within seven days.

9 . Silent Auction Rules:

* a. Read bid sheets carefully. To place a bid, write your number and the amount of your bid on the accompanying bid sheet. Each new bid must be written on the next blank line.

*b . Authorized persons may disqualify your bid if you are blocking the bidder's table 15 minutes prior to closing of a table.

*c . If two or more bidders are seeking an item at closing, bidding will continue until one bidder remains. The category chairperson or auction chairpersons will oversee the bid out.

*d . Props for display are not included in the purchase of the item.