Brookstone School

3rd Grade Reading - Leslie Bryan

The Twelve Rules of Reading

Read...Read again...Read some more...Read anything...Read about everything...

  Read enjoyable things...Read things you yourself enjoy....Read and discuss it...

Read carefully some things...Read on the run, many things...

  Don't think about reading, but Just READ!


I am so excited about our new third grade reading program, Imagine It.  Hopefully you have seen the reading textbook, as we have begun our first story Rugby and Rosie.  Unit 1 is based on the theme of Friendship.  A variety of genre is offered in this unit.  We began with Amos and Boris, a fantasy and will read a play based on mythology, realistic fiction, a fairy tale and a biography.  The program also enhances reading instruction with a full spectrum of integrated technology. 

Reading Requirements

Students need to bring their BIP  ( book in progress) to school daily for free reading.

3rd grade September Reading Log is to be kept in their binder in the Reading section

Each student is to read at least one AR book and take a test before the end of September.  Mrs. Wood will be helping the students choose a selection that is an appropriate level.

The Black Hole Gang

National Geographic for Kids

Time for Kids

Allie Finkles Rules for Girls

Book Adventure

Kids Place- HM Reading