Brookstone School


A Board-appointed Strategic Planning Subcommittee was asked to research and develop a values proposition for the school.  The Subcommittee determined that a values proposition should

· Define what today's students will likely be up against not only in terms of college but also personal and career choices later in life.

· Articulate how a school's mission, structure, and curriculum have evolved over time to ensure that graduates have the personal, academic and social tools required to compete.

· Offer supporting reasons across a broad spectrum of school programs and activities that provide evidence of the school's ability to maintain a high level of relevancy with regard to the future.

With these guideline in place, the Subcommittee determined that investing in a Brookstone School education provides the most successful individualized and personal educational development of the whole child to prepare them for college and life compared to any other public or private school in the Chattahoochee Valley in the following ways: 

  • Academic Rigor
  • Technology
  • Relationships
  • Class Size
  • Service
  • Confidence

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