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Tablet Insurance 

4 Year Accidental Damage Warranty

Your tablet package includes  Protection coverage from Toshiba. Under this policy, repair or  replacement costs for

accidental damage are covered for four years with no annual limit and no  deductible. While the tablet is

being repaired, your child will have use of a loaner tablet. This policy  includes damage only, and not loss or theft.



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Theft or Loss Coverage

Please note that you should quote $2,000 for the  replacement cost for the tablet.  We  would have to pay this at a

minimum to replace the tablet, power adapter, stylus, and 4 year accidental damage warranty as this would not be a bulk order. 

We strongly recommend that you add your child's tablet to your existing homeowner's or renter's policy  to 

protect it from fire, theft, and loss.

Some people checked with their  homeowner's policy, and are covered.

Another parent was able to get a quote from  State Farm for a good price.


Here is the website mentioned in the Tablet Training Session.

Safeware, The Insurance Agency, Inc


Unfortunately, their rate is higher on an individual level.  If families purchase the policy individually, it would be approximately $226.00 for 4 years with a $100.00 deductible per incident. 



Disable / Enable Tablet Camera

·       Right click on "Computer"

·       Click on "Manage"

·       In the left column of the new window that opens, click on "Device Manager"

·       In the window to the right, double click on "Imaging Devices"

·       Right click on USB camera and click "Disable"


Always remember to ask for permission to record someone.