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Kennerly Family

Kennerly Family

Brian and Holle Kennerly and their daughters Sara (7) and Blaire (3) have moved to Columbus from Atlanta, Georgia.  Brian is a native of Houston, Texas and Holle is a Georgia native. 

Educational Philosophy

Educators are trusted to take the precious raw material of society and mold the future.  When Plato said that "the direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life," he charged educators to mold carefully.  Schools have the opportunity to influence their students' character, their responsibility to society, and their vision.  It has been said that by nature men are alike, but by education they become different.  What a monumental responsibility we educators have in this society!  If tomorrow's leaders are today's raw material, schools must be diverse, involved, and well trained in the molding process.

I believe that education takes place inside and outside the classroom; therefore educating children is more than just a profession.  It is a calling, a lifestyle.  A good administrator should ground his philosophies both in consistent experience in the classroom as well as in a close understanding of the faculty.  There is no better way to accomplish this than through teaching.  The administrator holds the responsibility for determining how each child is educated in his school.  How will society be affected by the educated youth from our classrooms?  The school administrators will be the craftsmen of this raw material.

Experience and Accomplishments


Over twenty years of successful teaching, coaching and administrative leadership in large and medium size prestigious independent schools.  Extensive hands-on experience in finance, development, communication, public relations, and academic activities in three different school settings.


  • Worked with the Wesleyan Board of Trustees and other Administrators to develop a new 800 student school on a 100 acre  campus in North Atlanta.
  •  Chaired and participated on SAIS/SACS Visiting Accrediting Committees for schools throughout the Southeast.
  •  Served as an Admissions Consultant for two New England schools while at Columbia University.
  •  Coached five State Cross Country Championship teams while at Wesleyan and two State Cross Country Championship teams at Westminster.


  •  Assistant Headmaster for External Affairs, Wesleyan School, Norcross, Georgia, 2004-2010
  •  High School and Middle School Teacher, Wesleyan School, 1997-2010
  •  High School Principal, Wesleyan School, 1997-2004
  •  Grade Chairman, The Westminster Schools, Atlanta, Georgia, 1994-1997
  •  High School and Middle School Teacher, Westminster School, 1989-1997
  •  Director of Boys' School, The Culver Academies, Culver Summer Schools, Culver, Indiana, 1992, 1993
  •  Unit Counselor, The Culver Academies, 1989-1997


  • Doctor of Education, Organizational Leadership and Policy, Vanderbilt University, 2008 - Present, graduation date May 2011
  • Master of Arts, Education Administration, Columbia University 1991-1992
  • Bachelor of Science, Political Science, Vanderbilt University, 1984-1988