Brookstone School

1st Grade - Lori Schorr




Welcome to First Grade!!


Your children are doing a great job learning the classroom procedures!  We are learning a lot of new skills: sounds with "m" and "s", sentence structure, upper case letters, ending punctuation, calander, coin counting, procedures, and animal study.


I'm looking forward to an exciting year!


Mrs. Schorr




Homework this week will be reading log only. Please use the included reading log form to record the book your child reads to you.  Your child should choose a book from home to read. Encourage your child to read to you daily, however, you may also read a book to your child from time to time.  Then, allow your child to record the title of the book on the reading log form. Please also include the amount of minutes spent reading (try not to always round off to the nearest ten—we use these numbers later  as a math activity). Make sure to initial the form on the Parent's Initials line.


A copy of our class schedule went home this week. The HR times are when your child is in my classroom working on Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science & Social Studies.

·        Please be sure to have tennis shoes for PE days. 

·        Please note that Friday is our library day.


Anytime your child will be going home a way other than his or her normal dismissal routine, I must have a note or e-mail from the parent. I do not take the child's word. Please also note the e-mail address for Jodi Saunders below. If your child is going to Extended Day and you need to relay further directions for your child once they arrive in Extended Day, you should e-mail her with the necessary information.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks!   Lori