Brookstone School

Fifth Grade

Fifth grade students work on mastering the skills that they will need to be successful as they move through their middle and upper school years. They learn the importance of organization and study skills. They also experience independence and the importance of being responsible for themselves. Some of the highlights of the fifth grade year are the trips to Montgomery, Alabama, Fort Mitchell, Alabama and Callaway Gardens.  In Montgomery, the fifth grade tours Old Alabama Town which recreates "life in the South" during the early 1800's.  The class also visits the Civil Rights Memorial and the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church where Dr. Martin Luther King spoke in the 1960's.  Fort Mitchell provides the students an opportunity to see Civil War battlegrounds and artifacts.  They also visit a sacred Native American burial site. The trip to Callaway Gardens focuses on the arts.  Students are exposed to many different types of art, music, dance and drama.


This course includes a study of different types of literature. Elements of a short story and comprehension skills are discussed in relation to the stories. Two novels are studied during the year as well as Junior Great Books.  Students work with vocabulary, reflective writing assignments and shared inquiry class discussions.

Grammar:  Students work with the eight basic parts of speech and diagramming is introduced.  Writing complete sentences, paragraphs, and an introduction to writing a research paper are included.  Vocabulary Workshop is used to introduce new vocabulary.


The year begins with the reinforcement of basic skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with whole numbers. The rest of the year is divided into all operations with fractions and decimals, working with number sentences containing variables, percentages, some basic geometry concepts, problem solving in all areas, estimation, and probability.

Social Studies

Fifth grade social studies is a survey of American history and geography. Study begins with the establishment of the first permanent English settlement and the people and events that shaped our country's history up to modern times. There is a theme of toleration and respect for other cultures and ideas throughout each history lesson. Map use and skills are emphasized.


Fifth graders begin the year with an in-depth study of the scientific method.  These fundamental steps are the backbone for future science study at Brookstone.  Each student completes a science project research report and a display based on this method with the teacher's guidance. Throughout the year, students read and write about various physical and life science concepts.  Concepts of matter, atoms and elements, energy, electricity, force and motion, simple machines, light, color, sound, ecology, and the muscular and skeletal systems of the human body coordinated with the nervous system are covered.   As students perform related hands-on activities and experiments, they continue to utilize the scientific processes and record the information.  Students learn real life data collecting, statistical analysis (mean, median, mode, and range), and choosing, making, and reading various types of graphs.

French 5

The eighteen-week exploratory French course for the fifth grade introduces France and the vast Francophone world.  Basic topics to be covered will include greetings, simple courtesies, the calendar, numbers and telling time.  

Computer 5

Students continue more advanced skills in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Excel, and PowerPoint as well as basic saving techniques (flash drives, user folder). Students use the Internet as a tool for learning. Students use Internet tools and websites such as Story Jumper, Glogster, and Wordle to develop creativity and critical thinking skills just to name a few.

Music 5

The purpose of this course is to enable students to develop music and basic performance skills and an awareness of the elements, concepts, language, and applications of music through vocal and instrumental performances.

Drama 5

Fifth grade drama classes focus on the development of concentration, imagination, and on proper behavior in the theater, whether on the stage or in the audience. Fifth graders study basic theater terminology, stage directions and positions, basic body movement, and the use of the voice.  Projects include an individual pantomime and age-group observation scenes. During the last four weeks of the quarter, the students are involved in the production of a one-act play.

Art 5

Students are introduced to the elements of art and principles of design.  They follow a more in depth program of study, including both two-dimensional and three-dimensional art.  In two-dimensional art, students explore line drawing, value, and color.  Building on the skill that they have acquired in lower school art, fifth grade students begin to experience art on a more complex level.  They begin to identify perspective, space and depth with one and two point perspective.  Students use these skills to develop and create artworks that express emotion, themes, and symbols.  In three- dimensional art the students explore ceramics, and learn the properties of glazing, and they experiment with the use of texture, shape and form.  Students discuss and critique artworks by master artists, and analyze them based on the elements and principles of art and design.

Physical Education 5

Participants are introduced to rules, strategies, skills, and concepts involving the following individual and team sports; flag football, soccer, ultimate frisbee, speedball, basketball, volleyball, whiffleball, bocce ball, table tennis, badminton, matball.  Emphasis is place on teamwork, cooperation, sportsmanship, leadership.  Students participate in the pre and post physical fitness test called Fitnessgram.