Brookstone School

Intermediate School

A message from the head of intermediate school:

In the intermediate school our goal is to provide an academic curriculum that is rigorous and relevant, complimented by a focus on character education that centers around building relationships and beginning one's day with the intent of improving someone else's. With only fourth and fifth graders in our building, our students quickly discover that in this intimate setting they have a voice; they have a unique opportunity to take on various leadership roles that positively impact the life of the intermediate school and its student body.

Responsibility and organization play an integral part in the daily life of an intermediate school student. As each student receives a locker, they quickly find that organization is key to arriving to class with the appropriate materials. Time management becomes a learned skill as students are expected to change classes in a timely matter, and responsibility with one's appearance is necessary because students have a required dress code for not only the classroom, but also physical education.

Each week students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of enrichment and extracurricular activities that include Lego robotics, gadget gurus, math team, spelling bee, homework club, school newspaper, BNN broadcast news, geography bee, DARE, cub sports, cub cheerleading, and safety patrol. Student government is another component that is introduced in the intermediate school through the student council. Students campaign for various office positions, and the council is decided through a vote by the student body. The student council is given the opportunity to raise funds for school activities, including community projects, social events, and helping others in need.

I invite you to visit Brookstone's beautiful campus and experience first-hand all the intermediate school has to offer.

Leigh Anne Floyd

Head of Intermediate School

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