Brookstone School

Literature Live 2012

This year's Literature Live is a multi-author and multi-school event! We will be celebrating Local Author's Day with visits from our very own Brookstone Dad and newly published author, Mr. Deron Hicks and retired Benning School System teacher, Mrs. Geraldine Litz. Mr. Hicks will be on campus with his award winning illustrator, Mr. Mark Edward Geyer on November 5th talking about their book Secrets of Shakespeare's Grave in a series of workshops and assemblies for the Middle and Upper Schools. Mrs. Litz will be on campus Friday, November 2nd for a rally in the Intermediate School and then again on Monday, November 5th for the Lower School reading socials based on her new book The Foxes New Family. On Tuesday, November 6th and 7th we welcome acclaimed Author - Musician - Illustrator, Mr. Chris Rumble. Mr. Rumble will be holding Reading Pep Rallies and Workshops for the Lower and Intermediate Schools. Mr. Rumble's graphic novel books focus on character traits important to our Brookstone students. His most recent publication, Jack Crackbone has a strong anti-bullying message and his Uncle Stinky Trilogy focuses on The Golden Rule. This event is in conjunction with the Book Fair held in the Upper School Library where all the author's books can be purchased and signed by the authors.

For questions regarding Literature Live contact BPA representatives, Liz Parducci and Jennifer Shaw.

Literature Live Flyer