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Auction Item - Dove Hunt

Dove Hunt in Argetana

•This Dove hunt is for five hunters.

•The actual value of this hunt is $14,000

•Hunters may be added on a space available basis for an additional modest fee per hunter

•Five days of wing shooting in the best dove hunting region in the world.

•No limit on doves.

•Sporting arm is shotgun. (Beretta 20 ga 391s are available for rent)

•You will enjoy the accommodations at one of the premier hunting lodges in Argentina made to American standards for the American hunter.

•The lodge has double king-size beds in every room with air conditioning and large bathrooms and showers.

•When hunting is over for the day:

Relax in the swimming pool

Enjoy gourmet dining with great beef selections, beverages (alcoholic and nonalcoholic),and incredible war stories with some of best "Story Tellers" on the planet!

•Transportation to and from the airport (Cordoba) and during the hunts, bird boys, gun cleaning, and laundry services at the lodge are all included in this hunt package.

•Not included in this offer: airfare, tips, gun permits, gun rental ($75 per hunter per day), and license ($65 per hunter per day). Premium shotgun shells are available for purchase at $13-$14 per box.

•This hunt has been donated to support your organization.

Contact John Whiddon, at (850) 545-1463, <> for initial hunt scheduling and additional information.

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