Brookstone School

Country Fair Play

Every student in Kindergarten – 5th grade will participate in a morning specifically written to showcase their talents. Please plan to attend with your family, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and special family friends to the highlight of the Spring – the TV Show Classic Themed Country Fair Play, Same Cougar Time, Same Cougar Channel.

The first show will start at 10:00am in the Turner Center.

The second show will start at 11:15am in the Turner Center.

In lieu of costumes for the play, students are asked to wear a Country Fair T-shirt (available for purchase at the Country Fair Store ) or a shirt of like color.

We're changing things up this year for your play ticket purchase! No more fretting about getting those good seats, you can reserve your seat numbers ONLINE for all your friends and family. We're using the same seat ticketing system as the Spring Musical which has received many rave reviews. Lap children will be allowed into the for free; however any child needing a seat must purchase a ticket.

Advanced tickets for the play may be purchased at the Country Fair Play Box Office beginning on March 16

If available, tickets to the play may be purchased in the Turner Center Lobby on Friday morning (April 24th).

Remember to make sure you purchased seats for the correct show time!

Profits from Country Fair Play tickets benefit our students by becoming BPA dollars which are used to purchase new technology, programs, supplies, and campus improvements!