Brookstone School

Country Fair Tuition Raffle Winner's Story

Message from our 2013 Winner

I was so surprised when my name was called this past year as the Tuition Raffle Winner during Country Fair! I have purchased a few raffle tickets each year since my children started at Brookstone, but I never really expected to win. I always thought that the winners were probably people who bought lots of tickets. This past year, I did the “buy two, get one free for $100,” and my parents did the same deal at Grandparents Day. I am so thrilled that one of those tickets was the winning one. What a wonderful investment that turned out to be! I was happy to support the school, and this in turn ended up being a tremendous help to my family by paying for one of my kids to attend school tuition free this year. Country Fair is approaching and you will be seeing the tickets for sale soon. Do not hesitate to buy one...or several. You never know what might happen. Maybe this year YOU will be the lucky one that will hear your name called as the winner!

-Colleen Rustin

Parent of 2 Intermediate School Students and Winner of the 2013 Tuition Raffle

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