Brookstone School

Great Things - Special Gifts

Oftentimes around campus, you may see construction, demolition, new athletic fields, or new sports uniforms and wonder, "how can we find the money to do these things?" We are blessed with many generous donors who like to contribute special designated gifts to the school for intentional needs. Just this past year, we have received special designated funds such as new soccer uniforms, tuition assistance, landscaping, new band equipment, creation of a dance team, new practice fields, and enhanced training facilities for all athletes. During winter break we were able to plant new trees in the upper school parking lot due to a special gift. These are just a few of the gifts we received over the course of a year and we are incredibly grateful to our donors.

Special gifts give us the ability to do many things that the regular operating budget does not sustain. Much of the beautification of the campus as well as increased programs for the students have been made available due to special gifts. Perhaps designated giving is of interest to you, and we encourage you to speak with Lisa White, Director of Development, to see how your gift will have an enormous impact on our campus.

Landscaping at main entrance made possible by a generous designated gift.