Brookstone School

Great Things - Athletics

40 Ways to Play - Sports are a major part of life at Brookstone School. Competitive team sports, by their very nature, teach students to work together. Our athletic program offers, among many things, lessons in life, such as respecting the opposition and learning to win or lose with good grace. Students enjoy the pride of representing their school and being part of a team, working for a common purpose.

Brookstone students have the opportunity to participate in 40 different athletic programs. New this year:

  • Upper School Equestrian Program
  • Middle School Volleyball
  • Middle School Soccer
  • Middle School Softball

Cougar Cub basketball is available for grades 3 -6 and this spring a Cougar Cub track program for lower school grades will take off. In 2014 we are excited to be introducing a swim and dive team.

Recognizing the positive impact sports can play on a student's academic performance we are excited that Brookstone students have so many choices. Many participate in more than one sport. In fact, an amazing 80% of Brookstone upper school students participated in sports last year, with 30% participating in two sports and 14 Cougar athletes participated in three sports.

Go Cougars!!!