Brookstone School

Great Things - New Book Plan

At Brookstone, it is our goal to make things as simple and as cost-effective as possible for you, which is why we are changing the way we manage students' textbooks. In the past, Brookstone has purchased the textbooks and charged middle and upper school students a book rental fee. Parents did not have the opportunity to shop for their textbooks online or retain books for use by a younger sibling. For the 2014-15 school year, we have partnered with MBS Direct as our official textbook provider. MBS will manage an online bookstore that will allow parents to take advantage of quick and convenient home delivery.

MBS Direct has developed a multitude of services designed specifically for our school:

• Used books up to 25% off the price of new books.
• Out-the-door in 24 hour shipping policy.
• A guaranteed buy-back program to help your family budget for the entire academic year and understand how much it will truly cost to own that particular textbook.
• Customer loyalty program for more money at buy-back time.

We do encourage you to use MBS Direct to guarantee your access to the correct books, but you are obviously free to acquire textbooks and materials from any source you choose.

You should plan for your costs for textbooks to be comparable to the current book rental fee. The expense may vary depending on the age and course load of your student, i.e. AP books tend to cost more than middle school texts. However, you will have the advantage of selling the books back to MBS Direct at the end of the year.

More information will follow as we determine the texts for next year. If you have questions or concerns about the ordering process, contact Cindy Todt,