Brookstone School

Great Things - Bring Your Own Device

Choosing the best device for our upper school 1:1 program is an annual process. This year, we are excited to announce that all upper school students may bring their own device, BYOD, for the 2014-2015 school year. Minimum requirements, listed below, must be met in order for the device to be approved.

Four years ago, we knew that having the same device was crucial for beginning a successful 1:1 tablet initiative. Since our students and teachers have gained experience, we are confident that letting students choose their device will be successful at this time. Students will be familiar with using their personal devices and will be responsible for ensuring they know how to operate their devices in the classroom.

We recognize that some students prefer to type their notes or write math problems on paper rather than using the stylus and inking feature that the tablet PC provides. This functionality does add cost to the price of the device. Therefore, those who are not using the feature may use a less costly device that still meets their needs.

Brookstone is a Google Apps school, meaning we use Gmail along with the suite of available Google products including, but not limited to, Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentation, and Forms. Having access to these eliminates the need to have specific software loaded onto every student computer or to access space on school servers to store files.

Just about any laptop, PC or Mac, is acceptable to use. As long as the device has a working web browser, students can access the tools they need. iPads, Android Tablets, smart phones, iPods, iTouch, and other devices will not be sufficient at this point for use in the upper school. While they are useful for many activities, such as researching, planning, and collaborating, they are not as usable or are not currently supported by software used in some classes in our upper school.

Brookstone will make several Lenovo laptop models, some with inking capability and some without, available for purchase. All models will be supported at Brookstone for at least four years. These will be available for you to view and purchase via a web site provided by our vendor. This web site link will be sent once it is ready.

Additional options for leasing are being researched, so more information will be provided as it becomes available. If you have questions about purchasing or financing the Lenovo tablet or laptop, please contact Julie Sway at

The Lenovo tablet PCs already in use by rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors meet these requirements and can continue to be used successfully at school.

Additional benefits provided to students who use school issued Lenovo tablets include:

  • On site repair and support by the Lenovo certified Help Desk staff

  • Use of a spare tablet while yours is in for repair

  • Four year accidental damage coverage included in the price

  • Installation of and automatic updates to anti-virus software

  • Installation of Microsoft Office Suite tools (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.)

  • Check-out of a charger or stylus for daily use

  • On-site purchase of replacement charger and stylus

The minimum specifications for devices brought to the upper school are:

  • Processor - i5 or equivalent

  • OS - Windows 7 or 8 or Mac OS X 10 or the two previous major releases of the operating system

  • Memory - minimum - 4GB, 8GB recommended and required for Photoshop, video editing, digital photography, web design, sports marketing classes

  • Hard drive size - 120 or 280 minimum, solid state recommended

  • Wireless capability

  • Optical drive - optional - not required

  • Ability to connect consistently to the wireless network

  • Ability to operate normally on a daily basis (This includes battery, booting up, running without errors and speed of use.)

  • Students are expected to bring their device fully charged each day. (We are limited on the use of extension cords and surge protectors in classrooms by the Fire Marshall.)

  • PCs must have antivirus software and keep it up to date. AVG - is free to families. Macs are exempt unless viruses become more prevalent on these devices.

Students who cannot access the Brookstone BYOD network or who may have technical issues with their technology tool need to take care of this issue by working with the user's manual that came with the device or seeking assistance with an authorized provider outside of the classroom. Since these are not Brookstone devices, the school is not able to allocate resources to troubleshoot issues, nor are we certified to make repairs of other models.