Brookstone School

2014 Country Fair

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1. What is Country Fair? Overview

2. When do things happen at Country Fair? Overview

3. Where do I sign up to help with the Country Fair? Volunteer

4. Where do I find out showtimes for the Country Fair Play? Country Fair Play

5. How do I buy tickets to the Country Fair play? Country Fair Store

6. Where do I buy a Country Fair T-shirt? Country Fair Store

7. Where do I find out more information about Brookstone's Got Talent and audition dates? Brookstone's Got Talent

8. Where do I register for Brookstone's Got Talent? Brookstone's Got Talent

9. What is a Midway? Country Fair Midway

10. What kind of food will be available to purchase at Country Fair? Country Fair Midway

11. Where do I buy All-Fun-Inclusive Midway wristbands? Country Fair Store

12. Is there a map of the Midway? Check back here for a map of the midway when available.

13. What is Culinary Classics and what does it mean to me? Culinary Classics

14. How do I sign up to bring my family's favorite casseroles or baked goods to sell? Culinary Classics

15. What is the Potting Shed and where will it be located? Potting Shed

16. Where do I buy gift certificates for the teachers for the Potting Shed and Culinary Classics? Country Fair Store

17. What is this Tuition Raffle I keep hearing about? Tuition Raffle

18. Who won the Tuition Raffle last year? Tuition Raffle Testimony

19. Where do I buy my chance at winning Free Tuition? Country Fair Store

20. Where do I buy all this great stuff for Country Fair? Country Fair Store

20. What are the Young at Art and Brookstone Treasures? Silent Auction