Brookstone School

9th - 11th

Upper School Application Process

A. Regular Admission - Any student may apply to Brookstone Upper School through the customary application process. Students should submit the following:

    • Completed online application (available beginning November 3)
    • Student questionnaire
    • Standardized test scores for previous two years
    • Report card following 1st semester of current school year as well as report cards from previous two years
    • English Teacher recommendation form
    • Math Teacher recommendation form
    • Transcript Request form
    • Photograph of applicant (optional)
    • Application fee of $75

B. Scholarship Program - The Brookstone School Scholarship Program is designed to enhance and enrich the Upper School student body by enrolling a group of talented rising ninth grade students who have never attended Brookstone School.

  • Students applying for the Scholarship Program should submit all materials required for regular admission. In addition, scholarship applicants should submit three letters of recommendation from adults who know the applicant and/or the applicant's family well and can advise the scholarship committee why the applicant is a good scholarship candidate. Civic leaders, ministers, educators, and other parents may recommend students.
  • Scholarship consideration can only be given to those applicants that have all required documents submitted to the Brookstone admission office on or before December 12, 2014. Transcripts from the applicants' current school will be accepted through the first week of January, 2015.
  • Primary criteria for selection are
    *Contribution to life of current school and the community, including cultural, athletic, leadership, and spiritual involvement.
    *Character and motivation.
    *Influence on the lives of fellow students.
    *Prior academic achievement, interviews, and performance on tests designed to measure ability and aptitude for college work.
  • There are several scholarship levels. Scholarships are continued for each year of enrollment at Brookstone as long as the recipient maintains his/her example of excellence.

Information for all applicants

Testing dates for students applying for regular and scholarship admission are still to be determined.

Students who have indicated their desire to be considered for the Scholarship Program and have submitted all required materials will be notified in January if they have qualified to move to the interview stage of the process. Qualifying applicants will participate in an interview with Brookstone faculty members. Students who are not awarded scholarships are automatically considered for regular admission.

Please note that all applicants to Brookstone School may apply for need-based financial assistance. Online applications may be completed at in the Website for Families section.

Contact Avery Wolff at or 706-324-1392 for more information or to request an application.