Brookstone School

What New Brookstone Parents Are Saying

Brookstone welcomed 144 new students this year.  See what some of our new students and parents have to say about Brookstone....

"I love, love, love Brookstone, mom!"

"He is absolutely loving it!! We are so blessed and so thankful for this opportunity!"

"He is doing wonderfully.  I have seen his study habits change and a smile on his face every day."

"He is having a blast :-)!!! The child never wants to come home."

"She is loving every minute of school."

"She has had an AWESOME experience at Brookstone! I'm overwhelmed by the welcome both she and I have encountered at Brookstone. She already feels like a member of the Cougar family."

"She is doing great with the adjustment to the school. She really loves it there and the comforting atmosphere that surrounds her. I have never had this much support from any other school."

"She gave Grandmama the thumbs up."

"I told someone else today that all three children are 'full of joy.' It describes them all, and what more could a parent ask for?  Teachers, parents, and students have all been so gracious and inclusive of all of us. We love Brookstone!!"

"He had nothing but great things to say."

"She is having a blast!  I do need to make sure she isn't having so much fun that she's forgotten about academics!"

"She was glowing when I picked her up from freshman retreat."

"We have been so pleased with the whole process and wonderful communication from everyone."

"The kids are doing really well! The transition has been very smooth. There have been so many kind and helpful people along the way!"