Brookstone School


The Brookstone School Board of Trustees recognizes the importance of offering a comprehensive, balanced extracurricular program for all students attending Brookstone School. The Board of Trustees approves the offering of such activities subject to reasonable rules and regulations concerning eligibility to participate and subject to the provision that participation does not interfere with the academic achievements of participating students.

Students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities because this participation enhances the school experience and fosters school pride. A strong and successful athletics program offers a multitude of opportunities for all. Throughout the year our students will learn through hard work what it means to be a team player and how to be successful. Take every effort to show your support for these boys and girls by coming our to cheer them on or by your involvement in the Brookstone Parents Association.

Our goal in preparing this Athletic Handbook is to familiarize you with the Brookstone Athletic Department and answer many of your questions. The Handbook will help you identify participation opportunities and provide valuable information in hopes that you will become an integral part of our rewarding program.

We welcome your suggestions as to additional information that we may include in future additions. To download the complete Athletics Handbook in Word document click below: