Brookstone School

Country Fair Midway

The Country Fairy Midway is the centerpiece of entertainment for our annual event. The Midway will contain fun festival games with prizes for the younger children (so bring a small loot bag, buy one from our Cougar Shop or information tower, to carry your treasures). The Midway Extreme portion will contain inflatables and fun rides from our partner, APZ Rentals.

Entry into the Midway and Midway Extreme requires each participating child to wear a Midway wristband.

Kids are going to get hungry and so will their parents and babysitters! Plan to purchase delicious treats or a light “festival like” lunch at any one of our concessionaires. This year we will have multiple offerings including snow cones and ice cream, chicken sandwiches, French fries, pizza, and more! There will be plenty of cold water and soda to wash it down with!

The cost of food is US Dollars only, so visit the ATM before you arrive.

Once again, we will feature a Photo Booth as a Country Fair keepsake. Make sure you take a photo strip of you and your friends home this year!

The All-Fun-Inclusive Midway wristbands may be pre-ordered online at the Country Fair Store.

The wristbands will be slightly more expensive the day of the event so plan ahead and buy online!

Don't know where everything is in the Midway – visit our site map here once it is available.

All Midway purchases are part of the Country Fair Fundraiser and go to benefit our school!

Our Vendor Partners contribute a portion of their sales back to BPA, thank them for their contribution as it goes back to our school to purchase new technology, programs, supplies, and campus improvements!