Brookstone School


In response to the Strategic Planning Social Issues Subcommittee's recommendation Stacey DeWitt from Connect with Kids was on campus Friday, August 13.  In the morning Mrs. DeWitt presented three assemblies to our Intermediate, Middle and Upper School students.  Her presentation dealt with the psychological, physical and emotional effects of Bullying in society today.  In the afternoon she presented a staff development workshop on identifying, intervening and eliminating all types of student bullying and harassment.

Stacey DeWitt founded Atlanta-based Connect with Kids to support her

passion for helping children. Stacey is a former child advocate with the

juvenile justice system, an attorney, and a television journalist. Connect with Kids produces news, television programs and parenting DVDs focused on the issues children face every day. The programs have won Emmys and Parents' Choice Awards, and have been featured on the Dr. Phil Show, Good Morning America, CNN and more.

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