Brookstone School

School Life

At Brookstone School education does not begin and end at the classroom doors. From field trips to athletic fields, the line between academic classes and student life is blurred, creating an exciting campus with enhanced learning opportunities. Our teachers aspire to ignite a passion for learning in our students so that education is viewed not in terms of merely earning a diploma, but as an ongoing quest for knowledge. Just as importantly, the faculty encourages our students to engage in service on and off the campus. This focus on learning and service reinforces the school ideals found on the Brookstone emblem... Loyalty, Courage, Wisdom. These ideals illustrate the "way of life" at Brookstone. Loyalty permeates the atmosphere and inevitably affects every student, parent, faculty member and alum. Brookstone strives to instill in its students the courage to take the first step, to make the right choices, to defend a friend or to try something new. Decision making skills, discernment, compassion, and moral values are each important elements of the wisdom students develop at Brookstone.